Stories in Volume 8, Issue 2 — July-September 1996


Brazilian parliament honors leading Baha'i dignitary

In a special session, the Federal Chamber of Deputies honors Madame Mary Rabbání as an environmentalist and promoter of peace BRASILIA, Brazil - The Brazilian Chamber of Deputies, the nation's highest legislative body, held a special solemn session on 14 August 1996 to... Read more

The Importance of Agriculture

PERSPECTIVE -- Civilization began with agriculture. When our nomadic ancestors began to settle and grow their own food, human society was forever changed. Not only did villages, towns and cities begin to flourish, but so did knowledge, the arts and the technological... Read more

The Baha'i Faith launches an official page on the World Wide Web: www.bahai.org

NEW YORK - The Bahá'í Faith, which in a century and a half has been established in 235 countries and dependencies, and which embraces a cross-section of the human race, has launched an official site on the World Wide Web. Located at http://www.bahai.org, the... Read more
Human Rights

Latin American Conference on World Citizenship issues declaration

SÃO PAULO, Brazil - Some 250 people from 13 countries attended the First Latin American Conference on World Citizenship, held 22-23 August at the Permanent Seat of the Latin American Parliament. The Conference, the first of its kind in the region, brought together a wide... Read more
The Arts

Hoop dancing and world citizenship: meet Kevin Locke

Known for his revival of the Lakota courting flute and the hoop dance, Kevin Locke, a tireless promoter of indigenous arts and human oneness, takes his art beyond traditional boundaries.  WHITE RIVER, South Dakota, USA - As the name implies, the annual White River... Read more
Community Development

New hope for Africa's beleaguered stone breakers

The technological innovation behind the manually operated rock crusher is not one but many things: clever design, a combined use of high and low technologies, and all-important consultation with the target users. MOKWETE, South Africa - As jobs go, stone breaking is... Read more
United Nations

Grow food locally, support women farmers, says NGO coalition

UNITED NATIONS - Governments and international agencies concerned with improving food security in Africa should support women farmers and boost efforts to grow and process food locally, according to the Advocates for African Food Security. An umbrella group composed of... Read more

And don't forget truth, honesty, beauty and love

Review: "Toward the Most Great Justice: Elements of Justice in the New World Order" by Charles O. Lerche, Bahá'í Publishing Trust, London If asked to summarize the teachings of the Bahá'í Faith in a single word, many of its followers would give this simple answer: "unity... Read more