Stories in Volume 21, Issue 3 — January-March 2011

Human Rights

Reflecting growing impatience on human rights, the UN revives a special investigator for Iran

GENEVA — For the first time since its creation five years ago, the UN Human Rights Council has decided to appoint a special investigator to monitor Iran’s compliance with international human rights standards. The decision reflects the world’s growing impatience with Iran... Read more

The education and training of women and girls and the betterment of society

That the education and training of women and girls is critical to the well-being and advancement of communities and nations has been definitively established. The benefits of such education have traditionally been framed in terms of economic growth, but material well-being... Read more
Advancement of Women

Rethinking education for girls and women explored at UN

UNITED NATIONS — The education of women and girls, which is critical to the advancement of society, should include elements that acknowledge the importance of spiritual and moral development. That was among the main points of a statement and program of events offered by... Read more

In Acre, the restoration of a holy place sheds light on the region's heritage

ACRE, Israel — After more than three years of restoration and conservation work, a Bahá’í sacred site is offering a glimpse into the industrial and spiritual heritage of this part of the Holy Land. From the Roman era into the early 20th century, mills on this site — some... Read more
Social Development

Capacity building seen as crucial to eradicating poverty

UNITED NATIONS — Initiatives to address poverty should give attention to strengthening the moral, ethical and spiritual capacities of individuals and communities. That was among the messages delivered by the Bahá’í International Community and other non-governmental... Read more
Community Development

Fifty years on, Uganda's Baha'i temple stands as a symbol of unity and progress

KAMPALA, Uganda — At a ceremony to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the Bahá’í House of Worship here, Uganda’s Chief Justice has praised the temple’s continuing contribution to the unity of religion and social transformation. “It is a reminder of what is to be put... Read more
Human Rights

For seven imprisoned Iranian Baha'i leaders, continued tribulations — and support

TEHRAN — The sight of large crowds anywhere in contemporary Iran is unusual these days, owing to the general unrest in the region. So it certainly took extra courage for an estimated 8,000 people or more to turn out for a funeral in March — and especially for the funeral of... Read more

In Iran, arsonists threaten reprisals if Baha'is befriend Muslims

GENEVA — Following a wave of arson attacks against Bahá’í-owned businesses in Rafsanjan, Iran, many Bahá’ís there were sent a letter early this year warning them to stop forming friendships with Muslims. The anonymous document demands that Bahá’ís sign an undertaking to... Read more

100 years on, a call for tolerance and unity reverberates from 'Abdu'l-Baha's visit to Egypt

Abbas Effendi: the Hundredth Anniversary of His Visit to Egypt By Suheil Bushrui Al-Kamel publishers Beirut Available in print from Al-Kamel or as a free ebook at: http://www.bahai-egypt.org/2011/04/abbas-effendi-egypt.html A new book by a noted Arab scholar... Read more