Stories in Volume 22, Issue 3 — June-September 2012

Sustainable Development

Rio+20 marks further progress in global movement for sustainable development

RIO DE JANEIRO — Comparisons between the groundbreaking 1992 Rio Earth Summit and this year’s Rio+20 UN Conference on Sustainable Development are unavoidable. Coming shortly after the end of the Cold War, amid the expectation of a “peace dividend,” the 1992 UN Conference... Read more

Sustaining Societies: Towards a New “We”

Sustainable development assumes a relationship between present and future generations — a relationship defined not only by geography but also by time. An earnest exploration of these relationships provides a lens through which to evaluate the merits and shortcomings of any... Read more
Human Rights

In Iran, intensified attacks in one little-known city are a microcosm of the persecution against Baha'i's

SEMNAN, Iran — At first glance, the alleged crimes that sent Adel Fanaian to prison for six years in May 2012 seem particularly grave. They include “mobilizing a group with the intent to disturb national security” and “propaganda against the sacred regime of the Islamic... Read more
Human Rights

A dark picture of religious freedom in Iran

WASHINGTON — The United States painted a dark picture of religious freedom in Iran in a new report released in July, documenting how the government there oppresses the followers of virtually every religious minority in the country, restricting their religious activities,... Read more

Noted poet Robert Hayden honored on postage stamp

WASHINGTON — Robert Hayden, the first African-American to be appointed United States Poet Laureate, has been honored on a postage stamp issued by the US Postal Service. The portrait of Mr. Hayden — who was a Bahá’í — appears in a special series of 10 stamps depicting... Read more
Women's Advancement

The Tahirih Justice Center wins recognition for helping immigrant women

WASHINGTON — At the age of 11, Didja faced the prospect of being forced into a marriage with an older man in Mali. Her mother had died and tradition there meant her daughters should be divided among remaining aunts and uncles. “I was given to my uncle who told me that I... Read more

A focus on justice at the 36th annual Association for Baha'i Studies conference

MONTREAL — The establishment of justice and genuine reconciliation demands greater attention to the challenging work of rebuilding human relationships on the basis of love and mutual regard across historical barriers of injustice and ignorance. That was among the... Read more
Sustainable Development

At Rio+20, Baha'is bring high energy to discussions on sustainable development

RIO DE JANERIO — Delegates of the Bahá’í International Community, along with representatives of the Brazilian Bahá’í community and Bahá’ís from other non-governmental organizations, participated in a wide range of activities and events at the Rio+20 Conference, reflecting a... Read more
World Media

Summaries and excerpts of recent coverage concerning the persecution of Baha'is in Iran in the global news media

Iran intensifies persecution of the Bahá’ís Deutsche Welle — 24 September 2012 — Germany “The medals won by Iranian athletes at the Olympic Games in London in 2012 was impressive. With a total of 12 medals, including four gold, Iran ranked in the top quarter of... Read more

“Human beings in communities, not interacting robots,” please

How Much is Enough? Money and the good life. By Robert Skidelsky and Edward Skidelsky Other Press, New York Earlier this year, a UN high-level meeting sponsored by Bhutan brought together hundreds from governments, religious organizations, academia, and civil society... Read more