Stories in Volume 22, Issue 4 — October-March 2013


The UN and civil society begin to discuss post-2015 development goals

UNITED NATIONS — When they were formulated some 15 years ago, one of the main ideas behind the Millennium Development Goals was to provide a set of concrete and measurable objectives to guide UN agencies and others in a global effort to eradicate poverty, promote gender... Read more

Regarding Poverty and Participation

The idea that every person has a role to play in shaping the processes and structures that impact their lives is now widely accepted and considered by many as a cornerstone of social action. Poverty is a condition that arises from the injustices of society. The very... Read more
Human Rights

At the UN, an exploration about how to best promote religious tolerance

UNITED NATIONS — While the right to freedom of religion or belief is often overlooked or under-enforced by governments, it is nevertheless crucial in promoting religious tolerance — and is thus central to reducing tensions in many of the world’s current flash points.... Read more
Human Rights

At the UN, governments express "deep concern" over human rights violations in Iran

UNITED NATIONS — In an overwhelming vote, the UN General Assembly in December approved a resolution expressing “deep concern” over Iran’s “serious ongoing and recurring” human rights violations, decrying abuses that include torture, an increase in executions, widespread... Read more
Human Rights

New report documents violence unleashed by the Iranian government against Baha'is

GENEVA — A new report by the Bahá’í International Community documents hundreds of incidents of torture, physical assault, arson, vandalism, cemetery desecration, and the abuse of schoolchildren directed against the Iranian Bahá’í community since 2005 — all carried out with... Read more
Advancement of Women

Causes of violence against women are examined at the UN

NEW YORK — Breaking the cycle of violence against women will require basic changes at the level of culture, attitudes and beliefs — including a fundamental reconception of prevailing notions of power. These were among the ideas offered to this year’s United Nations... Read more
Social Development

Empowerment as a means of social transformation is addressed at the UN

NEW YORK — Concepts of empowerment that pit one group against another should be discarded in favor of a new vision where social transformation is approached as a collective enterprise in which all people are able to participate. That was among the main themes of a... Read more
Peace Studies

New thinking on human nature and globalization are essential for peace, says new incumbent of Baha'i chair

COLLEGE PARK, Maryland, USA — Any contemporary discussion of peace must include a consideration of new research on human nature — and reflection on the vast changes caused by globalization and similar forces in the modern world. That’s the view offered by the new... Read more

Women's groups also mobilizing to address post-2015 agenda

UNITED NATIONS — A meeting in September reflected the growing cooperation between UN agencies and civil society as they work to define the post-2015 development agenda. Co-convened by UN Women and the Global Gender Equality Architecture Reform (GEAR) campaign, the day-... Read more
Post - 2015 Agenda

In post-2015 discussions, Baha'is seek to create a space for meaningful discourse and the promotion of unity

NEW YORK — The Bahá’í International Community has sought to contribute to the formulation of a new post-2015 development agenda by offering both substantive contributions about development priorities for the future and by creating spaces for meaningful discussion that can... Read more
Rights of the Child

In New Delhi, seminar explores ending violence against children

NEW DELHI — Violence against children is a global problem, with the abuse and maltreatment of young people happening in every country. That includes India, where its vast population gives the problem a special dimension. By one count, one in five children in the world... Read more

Where human rights have come from — and where they are likely to go

Human Rights in an Advancing Civilization By Aaron Emmel ​George Ronald, Oxford Are human rights merely a list of good ideas, to be discussed and agreed upon? Or are they intrinsic to human existence, founded on something more fundamental? And, either way, are rights... Read more