Stories in Volume 23, Issue 3 — January 2015-December 2015


New partnerships between religions and international organizations tackle sustainable development

BRISTOL, UK — The images of religious leaders in diverse garb, marching behind colorful banners with symbols of the world’s major faiths, conveyed a sense of the sacred nature of a meeting held in this historic English seaport in September 2015. But at the head of... Read more

A statement to COP21: Shared Vision, Shared Volition — Choosing Our Global Future Together

The following is a statement of the Bahá’í International Community to the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris, France. Anthropogenic climate change is not inevitable; humanity chooses its relationships with the natural world. This lies at the heart of... Read more

Reframing the discourse about migration and refugees in Europe

BRUSSELS — In recent months, the Brussels Office of the Bahá’í International Community has sought to participate in the discourse about the movement of refugees to Europe and the overall question of migration. The Office has participated in a number of recent... Read more

Regional office for Africa seeks to contribute to peace and development discourses

ADDIS ABABA — The Addis Ababa Office of the Bahá’í International Community has delivered statements to and cosponsored several side events at major UN conferences in 2015. In July, at the Third International Conference on Financing for Development (FfD), the Office... Read more
Agenda 2030

Informal meetings between diplomats, UN officials and civil society chart evolution of Agenda 2030

NEW YORK — By all accounts, Agenda 2030 represents the most ambitious and far-reaching global development program ever undertaken by the United Nations — or any other organization. Approved by the UN General Assembly in September 2015, the Agenda has at its core 17... Read more

If the post-2015 breakfast meetings have been useful, it’s partly because of the process

NEW YORK — Participants in the breakfast meetings held on Agenda 2030 over the last three and a half years at the offices of the Bahá’í International Community say that, beyond the substance provided by keynote speakers, it has been the inclusive and informal nature of the... Read more
Human Rights

Despite promises by Iran to improve human rights, violations against Bahá’ís continue

UNITED NATIONS — In his third appearance before the United Nations General Assembly last September, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani announced that “a new chapter has started in Iran’s relations with the world.” Upon his election two years ago, he said, the Iranian... Read more

Why 11 is a very important number for the future of humanity

Paul Hanley’s bold and sweeping new book, Eleven, opens with a simple but extremely consequential question: Given that the world’s population is by all accounts slated to reach 11 billion by the year 2100, how will we feed everyone? Mr. Hanley, a Canadian journalist... Read more